Bronx River Parkway reopens in Westchester; dozens of cars abandoned during flood

Westchester County police told News 12 Saturday afternoon that the Bronx River Parkway has reopened in both directions following a storm Friday that flooded out dozens of vehicles.
Department of Public Works crew members, like Noel Padilla, cleaned up parts of the Bronx River Parkway on Saturday morning after severe flooding forced officials to shut down parts of the road.
He said he and his co-workers are working quickly to clean the road up.
"Yeah, we're just trying to hurry up…We're trying to work as quick as we can to get it open," Padilla said.
The cleanup also captured the attention of concerned residents who live nearby, like Fadil Dedinca. He said all of the abandoned cars along the road were shocking to see.
"The one car, I saw just the roof," Dedinca said.
Operators from A & J towing told News 12 that they removed around 32 abandoned cars as a result of the flooding. They are urging anyone who may have abandoned their cars to call them at 914-423-3409.