Brooklyn family identifies loved one as possible victim in FBI murder case in Ellenville

The family of a missing Brooklyn man has reached out to News 12 with new information about the possible victim in an FBI organized crime murder case that unfolded in Ellenville. 
The family of Shehroz Tokhirov contacted News 12’s Blaise Gomez after seeing News 12 reports last week on the FBI investigation in Ulster County. 
They say they believe Tokhirov is the victim in that case and that he disappeared from his apartment in Brooklyn on June 25 – the same date and location that federal officials said the victim went missing.
The FBI Eurasian Organized Crime Task Force discovered a body in two duffle bags behind a home on Ulster Height’s Road late last month. 
They say the victim was killed after he was extorted for a large sum of cash and a Mercedes by two men he thought he was going into business with to sell high-end watches. 
State police describe the area he was found as an old Russian mob dumping ground.
Two Brooklyn-based suspects were identified last week– Shlomo Patchiav and an alleged accomplice, who authorities say fled the country to the Republic of Georgia, near Russia. 
Patchiav is charged in connection to the murder and was released on $350,000 bond after his attorney argued that his alleged accomplice was the one who fatally shot the victim.
Federal authorities have not yet released the victim's identity and have not yet responded to our follow-up inquiries about the case.