BX nurse practitioner to fight Ebola in West Africa

A Bronx health worker is preparing to do her part to stop the spread of Ebola in West Africa.
Sara Back, 52, is a family nurse practitioner at North Central Bronx Hospital. She, along with another doctor from Jacobi Medical Center, volunteered to travel to Sierra Leone with the group Partners in Health.
Back says part of her mission will be to ensure those afflicted with Ebola get enough fluids and that their blood pressure stays stable.
In October, Dr. Craig Spencer became the first person in New York City to test positive for the virus. He contracted it while treating patients in Guinea under Doctors Without Borders.
Back says that she is well aware of the risk that she is taking, but the cost of doing nothing outweighs her fears.
The city's Department of Health website states that New Yorkers should feel free to go about their daily lives, as officials are taking all necessary precautions to ensure their health and safety.