BX residents told how to avoid post-holiday weight gain

Experts are telling Bronx residents that eating carefully for Christmas can help with post-holiday weight loss plans.Dietician Agnieszka Sowa says long-term weight loss means a change in routine like walking or doing some other exercise every day. She also tells dieters to hang in there. ?Most people fall off the wagon because they don't see results right way,? she says. ?You're never going to see results right away.?
Sowa says one of the top things to remember is to have a well-rounded meal before the holiday meal. She says this helps prevent overeating. Experts say it is also OK to snack during the day on healthy items like fruit or low-fat popcorn.When it's time to eat, Sowa says portion control is very important. She says it is OK to indulge, but to do it in moderation.For those who plan to lose weight in 2008, experts also say to avoid being tempted by fad diets.