BX teen to face murder charges for newborn baby's death

A Bronx teen has been arrested on charges that she killed her newborn baby by throwing it out a window.Police say the teen will be charged as an adult and will face charges of murder and manslaughter. The teen was taken into custody at school Tuesday after police questioned numerous people. Sources told News 12 The Bronx they believe the teen gave birth to the baby on either Monday night or Tuesday morning and intended to go to school like nothing happened. The baby girl was found lying on grass with the umbilical cord still attached near a building on Burke Avenue Tuesday. According to the medical examiner, the baby died from blunt impact to her head and torsoNeighbors say the teen is a good, quiet girl with a strict mother. A family friend says the 14-year-old girl hid her pregnancy from everyone. The family friend adds that the teen also hid her 22-year-old boyfriend from her mother. Police also questioned and released the teen's boyfriend. Meanwhile, residents have set up a memorial in honor of the newborn.
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