Cancer survivors raise money with impressive holiday light display

A Christmas display in Dutchess County is helping to light up the holiday season in more ways than one.
For the last several years, the Fortis family home on Fairfax Road in Fishkill has been using its holiday display to give back to others.
Visitors come by, enjoy the lights, and give financial support for breast cancer patients, cancer research, and more. "Whether they're leaving donations or coming by to get a candy cane from my husband, who gives every car a candy cane, you know what, we're here to just lift the spirits and put the hope back into people's hearts this year," says cancer survivor Dawn Fortis.
The light display is available every day from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. until Jan. 6. And you can enjoy the Christmas music in the comfort of your own car by tuning in your radio to a designated station.