Chemical spills cause Wallkill evacuation, Goshen road closing

The hazmat team in Orange County had a busy day Tuesday dealing with chemical spills at two different locations.
A Home Depot in Wallkill was briefly evacuated and closed to customers after an acid spill occurred in the garden department. Investigators say muriatic acid used to clean concrete spilled out of a pallet and dripped onto the floor. Store employees were also concerned that the acid could have dripped onto other chemicals such as fertilizer and cause a reaction. Fortunately that wasn?t the case and crews cleaned up less than a gallon of acid at the store.
While that spill was still being cleaned up, the hazmat team was called to another spill in Goshen. A sheriff?s deputy noticed a leak coming from a Jones Chemical truck on 17A. The deputy pulled the truck driver over, made a temporary repair until help arrived. Route 17A was shut down near Gibson Road for a short time while the chlorine was washed off the roadway. Officials say neither spill had an environmental impact.