Chester family holds out hope for loved one in coma after diving accident

The family of a Chester man in a coma after a tragic diving accident is holding out hope that he will soon recover.
Anthony Guarascio, 24, has been in a medically induced coma at Helen Hayes Hospital for three weeks after he lost his oxygen supply for several minutes while working underwater. Guarascio and his brother are both commercial divers for Drake Associates, an underwater construction company. While the brothers usually worked as a team for the past three years, Guarascio was reassigned to a project in the Delaware River in February. It was there his air compressor broke, leaving him underwater for about 10 minutes with no oxygen. Guarascio?s body then rose to the surface and he was given CPR.
Guarascio?s family wonders why no one was watching his air tanks. Federal officials are investigating the incident. Meanwhile, Guarascio?s family is hoping he will one day walk down the aisle with his fiancée.