City ditches Oak Point jail, but doesn't throw away key

The Department of Correction has trashed plans to build a Hunts Point jail at the abandoned Oak Point land tract, but residents are still concerned.
The city cites repeated protests from the South Bronx community and adds that the site is tied up in bankruptcy court. The Department of Correction has not abandoned plans to build the jail in another part of the Bronx, however.
Officials say they want to build jails in communities where inmates come from so they can be closer to their families when they are incarcerated.
However, groups such as Sustainable South Bronx argue that the city should focus on creating jobs in the community. The organization also wants the city to hand over information about the site.
According to Sustainable South Bronx, several companies have expressed interest in building "green" businesses at the site.
For community reaction to the failed jail attempt, go to channel 612 on your iO digital cable box and select iO Extra.