City plans to sell woman's Morrisania home for $1

A woman is fighting to keep her Morrisania home after the city plans to sell it for $1 to make way for affordable housing.
Hetty Fox is a tenant of the building and runs a children?s foundation out of her house. Fox says she can prove that she can afford to save her Lyman Place home and kids? community center. However, housing officials say Fox?s $85,000 payment came years too late. They also say they don?t think Fox can cover the $240,000 repair costs. Fox claims she can come up with the rest of the funds to save her home.
The sale of the home is moving forward as the city is offering it to the Mid-Bronx Desperados, a non-profit group, for only $1. The cheap sale can occur because properties are sold for $1 as subsidies. Developers then must build affordable housing according to plans approved by city housing officials.
The Mid-Bronx Desperados are offering Fox an apartment and a space at a nearby building to continue her work. Fox says she is considering taking legal action in the sale.