Clarkstown Economic Development Committee to breathe life into community

With Macy's and Sears closing at the Shops at Nanuet, the future of brick and mortar businesses might look shaky – but not according to Town Supervisor George Hoehmann.
"Both of those will be redeveloped and the way in which they are redeveloped will breathe new life into this entire complex,” says Hoehmann.
Also breathing new life into the local economy was the announcement Monday that a Clarkstown Economic Development Committee has been formed.
“The people who are involved in the committee are the people that are in the trenches, business people, business owners, business developers,people that have the roots in this town,” says Howard Hellman, committee chairman.
Hellman says there will be a balance between developing businesses and serving residents.
"We can continue to build business and the vitality of the community and help keep the tax base a little bit low, so that will help make the residential community thrive,” he says.
The committee will look at zoning laws, application process and economic growth in the next six months.