Communities around Westchester seek to find ways to save 2 local publications

Two long-time local newspapers announced last week that they will be suspending publications.
Those who live in Scarsdale, Bedford, Pound Ridge and beyond are already feeling the loss of the Scarsdale Inquirer and The Record Review, and are drumming up ways to help.
Todd Sliss, who has spent more than 20 years writing for The Scarsdale Inquirer, is now laid off.
Although he's devastated by the news, he says he saw the writing on the wall and is holding onto the hope that the community can help to bring back a local pillar.
Sliss says their publisher is working hard on this, and they know the community has reached out to offer various kinds of support and help.
The Scarsdale Inquirer has been around for over a century.
\While it sites financial sustainability as the main reason for this decision, it also says it is looking for solutions.