Concerns mount for thousands of New Yorkers caught in crosshairs of Israel-Hamas war

Concern is mounting for the thousands of New Yorkers who are caught in the crosshairs of the Israel-Hamas War, as well as what is being done to ensure their safe return back to the U.S.
At least 11 Americans have died in Israel so far, according President Joe Biden.
Rep. Mike Lawler represents Westchester and Rockland counties, one of the largest Jewish communities in the world outside Israel. He is turning up the pressure on the U.S. Department of State to ensure their safe return, including sending a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken demanding to know what steps are being taken.
"I think it's incumbent on the U.S. government to certainly try to bring all of our residents to safety," says Lawler.
Among those desperate to return back home to New York include former News 12 colleague Rebecca Solomon.
Solomon is currently trapped in Israel with her husband and 8-month-old daughter.
"We know that there are no flights going out at this point, but we'll see what we can do in the next couple of days," she says.
Lawler says he is hearing this concern over and over again as worried constituents reach out to his office pleading for a way to escape the worsening crisis.
"There's so much that needs to be done here in terms of combating antisemitism, in terms of combating terrorism and taking on those who have perpetrated one of the greatest terrorist attacks in the history of the world," he says.
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