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Coronavirus updates: Marist College, Putnam County alert, Election Day exposure

The Putnam County Health Department sent out two COVID-19 alerts this weekend.

Associated Press

Nov 10, 2020, 2:16 AM

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COVID-19 concerns continue across the Hudson Valley.
There are now 76 active cases at Marist College. 52 of those infected are in isolation off campus, with another 24 patients who tested positive isolating in housing on-campus. The campus is on pause, but those restrictions are expected to be lifted Wednesday.
The Putnam County Health Department sent out two alerts this weekend.               
The first is at the Tractor Supply Company in Patterson. Anyone who was there this past Monday through Saturday is at risk and should be tested. And voters at Putnam Valley High School may have been exposed on Election Day. A poll worker tested positive for COVID-19. News 12 is told all safety measures were followed, so risk to voters is minimal.

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