County caps fees on takeout orders at restaurants

Major relief could be coming to restaurants in Westchester after the County Board of Legislators passed a new bill capping third-party fees on takeout orders.
In a 15-to-1 vote, county legislators capped how much commission apps like Grubhub, Uber Eats, and DoorDash can charge restaurants to use their services.
These fees vary between apps and restaurants by up to 30% or more. But the legislation passed Monday limits it to just 15%.
This could be huge benefit to local restaurants which are dealing with occupancy limits and outdoor seating, which becomes less practical in the colder months.
Small places have a hard time handling these fees without raising the cost of food, making it hard to compete and stay open. "That's going to encourage people to use those services in order to get they want without the need to get out," says Mahmood Yusuf, of Tarrytown.
The bill only applies during a declared emergency like the pandemic, and will end three months after it's declared over.