County executives say more resources key to fight against COVID-19

Several county executives and other leaders say more resources are needed in the fight against COVID-19.
County Executive Marc Molinaro is stepping into his role as the president of the New York State Association of Counties during a unique year, when county governments are implementing unprecedented actions for residents who need it now more than ever.
"There is no flattening the curve without county governments. There's no test sites, there's no testing infrastructure, there's no lab coordination. There is no distribution of PPE without county government," Molinaro says.
They are doing that and more, he says, while budgets are straining from revenue loss because of the virus.
"If we've learned one lesson through this American crisis the last eight months, it's been that the only way we can get ahead of it, is to collaborate and partner among the layers of government."
With new school testing requirements from the state, collaboration continues to be key, as Molinaro says they work with schools and rapid response team is helping handle cases.
He says they are even working with a local healthcare provider for rapid testing.
However, Molinaro says there are still challenges.
"Accessing tests, rapid response to those tests. Obviously, conducting the appropriate tracing all at a time when our governments are stressed as thin as possible,” he says.
Molinaro and other executives say more resources from state and federal government is the solution.
There's still no idea when that will happen as the federal stimulus stalemate continues.