Couples say hotel reservations canceled days before weddings by Newburgh hotel housing migrants

The hotel knew about the migrant contract for at least a week, but the couple says no one ever reached out. 

Blaise Gomez

May 12, 2023, 8:58 PM

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News 12 has learned that the Crossroads hotel is now canceling reservations to honor a contract with New York City to house 60 migrant men.  
“We weren’t given any formal notice. We have not been treated with any respect and dignity in the situation," said Sean Plunkett, from Queens.
Plunkett and his fiancé, Nicole Hoefferle, booked 37 rooms last year at the Crossroads hotel in Newburgh for their wedding guests next weekend. 
But now - those folks, some coming in on international flights in just days, have nowhere to stay. 
”We got ahold of a manager, and she told us verbally that she canceled all the rooms in our block," said Plunkett.
The couple contacted the hotel by phone and email when they saw on News 12 that 60 migrant men arrived by bus Thursday under a contract with New York City.  
The hotel knew about the migrant contract for at least a week, but the couple says no one ever reached out. 
They’re not the only ones. 
“They said there’s nothing we can do, that it’s on the mayor," said Deanna Misfud, from Orlando, Florida.
Mifsud and her fiancé, Gary Moretti, are coming to Newburgh next month from the state of Florida for their wedding and say they were also told their contract for 15 rooms is now canceled. 
“It’s very unprofessional, and they only care about the money," said Misfud  
News 12 has confirmed with New York Air Show representatives that 40 rooms meant for pilots at the Crossroads hotel in June have also been canceled.
News 12 reached out to the hotel and was put on hold several times, hung up on and eventually given an 800 number to call for corporate relations.  
News 12 called that number, but a representative said there’s no one to contact for media inquiries.  
“I have never felt so discarded or set aside in my entire life," said Plunkett.
New York City says the migrant men could be housed at the Crossroads hotel for four months. 

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