‘Attack the clusters’ - Gov. Cuomo says COVID-19 spiking in 20 NY zip codes

Gov. Andrew Cuomo rang the alarm on Tuesday about 20 zip codes in New York that are seeing spikes in COVID-19 cases.
One zip code in Orange County (10950) had a positivity rate of 18%. Other spikes were in Rockland and Brooklyn.
Gov. Cuomo says clusters can become community spread fast, but is not yet considering rolling back reopenings.
He says he will meet with orthodox leaders in Orange, Rockland, Nassau and Brooklyn virtually to address the spikes.
He's calling on local governments to step up and is making rapid testing equipment available to public and private schools in those areas.
Gov. Cuomo also announced a New York City Stabilization and Recovery strategy that focuses on schools, crime and the economy.
During his briefing, he says he is considering deploying the New York National Guard to help with garbage collection after a myriad of complaints.
He also says that the state has “no liability” when it comes to the COVID-19 price tag. 
“It's the federal government that allowed us to be ambushed by COVID," says the governor.
Gov. Cuomo also announced the members of the Clinical Advisory Task Force, which will evaluate and review the vaccine produced by federal government. They will also be discussing the distribution of the vaccine when it comes.