COVID-19 surges globally as health experts eye possible 'second wave'

Health experts are eyeing a surge in coronavirus cases around the globe after the World Health Organization recorded a new record of 350,000 cases on Friday alone.
Dr. Megan Ranney, of Brown University, says, “We are all deeply afraid that this is the beginning of that dreaded second wave."
"We did see those spikes in numbers that were largely young people going back to college, but what we're seeing now is that it's starting to spread within the community,” she says.
White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx agreed.
"Community spread is now occurring with small gatherings day after day,” she says.
An updated projection model says the U.S. could see 395,000 dead from the virus by Feb. 1.
Dr. Ranney says the president’s assertions that the virus will “disappear” is “false.”
“We have no proven miracle cure. There are some treatments. Regeneron may be one of them, but we don't have enough data yet," she says.