COVID-19 vaccine could face shipping hurdles after approval by FDA

It could possibly take a week before Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine is approved by the FDA - but the next hurdle would be shipping them.
Shipping the vaccine worldwide could take place during the busiest time of year for shipping companies.
DHL is one of Pfizer's shipping partners. The company tells News 12 the biggest challenges will be the sheer volume of vaccines to ship along with the -70C or -94F cold temperature required for storage.
“We’ve been offering a product called medical express. We have 150 certified locations around the world and 9,000 trained personnel to handle this type of shipments," says Reiner Wolfs, vice president and general manager for DHL Express Northeast.
The shipping giant plans to achieve the cold temperatures with a mix of freezers and dry ice. It is also using GPS trackers to keep tabs on the vaccines and the temperature.
Both Pfizer and Moderna have submitted their vaccines to the FDA.
Once approved, Operation Warp Speed says vaccines will be on the ground being administered within 48 hours.