Cuomo: 1st vaccine shipment expected Sunday or Monday; new restrictions possible

To help battle skepticism surrounding a coronavirus vaccine, Gov. Andrew Cuomo says a public education campaign is needed and also warned of new restrictions possibly on the horizon.
Cuomo said Friday that come Monday, there may be new cluster zones added to the state's list.
For weeks now cases of COVID-19, hospitalizations and fatalities have continued to rise across the state.
Cuomo said his team is going to look over the numbers over the weekend, and depending on the positivity rate and how many patients are in area hospitals, new cluster zones may have to be designated.
As of right now there are no red zones in New York.
The governor explained an area will become a red zone if they're on track to overwhelm the hospital system.
On top of those big decisions, the state is also getting ready for possibly the first shipment of Pfizer's vaccine Sunday or Monday - 170,000 doses.
Just 10 days from now, Cuomo says 346,000 doses of Moderna's vaccine are expected to arrive in New York state.
A big task ahead of the governor's team is making people feel comfortable taking a vaccine.
Only about 50% of the population is willing to be vaccinated, which experts say is not enough to build an umbrella of safety against the coronavirus.
Cuomo's team does have some time to build public confidence. It will be a while before the general public gets a chance to get the shot.