Deep Dive: Coffee shop in Yonkers wants everyone to feel at home

A number of Black-owned businesses have opened in Yonkers recently, like Bougie Brews coffee shop in the downtown area.
Donte Charlton and his wife, Charmaine, actually opened the shop in June of 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic.
They say thanks to the support of the community, they have been able to stay open.
Donte says his wife was always a coffee lover and told him she had dreams of opening up a cafe that allows people to get to know their neighbors - a place where everyone can feel at home.  "I'm like alright, that sounds good. I didn't realize how soon she wanted to jump on it...because literally, it was probably another two weeks...she found a location, which was downstairs from where our apartment used to be, and she had the blueprints for it already," laughs Donte.
If you'd like to stop by and try their home roasted coffee, they're on Main Street in Yonkers.