Deep Dive: Traffic down in New York as many shift to work from home model once again

Many companies are once again shifting to a work from home model due to the new Omicron variant.
And you may have noticed the impact it's having on commuting. News 12's Kristie Reeter looked at traffic data in this week's Deep Dive to see what the trends on the roads and rails have been.
In a News 12 poll, most Westchester viewers said they don't take public transportation. On Long Island, viewers are almost evenly split, but a majority also say they don't take public transportation. A majority of Bronx and Brooklyn viewers, however, say they take the train.
Caleb Silver, or Investopedia, says that data from Google Mobility, shows that when it comes to traffic to and from work, Suffolk County is down 34.7% from pre-pandemic levels, Westchester down 38.6%, Nassau down 40.6% and New York City down 41.1%.
"So less folks going into work obviously than pre-pandemic levels it's gotten worse," says Silver.
Looking at traffic in and out of New York, what are those numbers looking like for 2022?
"A big slowdown in just the first two weeks of the year," says Silver. "We are looking at bridge and tunnel traffic that is down 18% in just the first two weeks of January. And then we looked at subway usage, subway usage is only at 36% so really only about a third at capacity of folks using the subway in New York City in just the past two weeks."