Deli owner's strip club plan outrages community

In an attempt to drive up business, the owner of a deli on Tremont Avenue, who calls himself Cousin Vinnie, wants to open an after hours all-nude strip club, complete with a shower for a lesbian act, stereo equipment and a table for stripping.
The business plan of Cousin Vinnie, a former actor and stripper, has outraged the local residents, since My Way Subs deli is located in a busy, family-oriented shopping area.
After police paid him a visit and threatened to issue violations because it is illegal to open a strip club in this commercial area, Cousin Vinnie scrapped the grand opening weekend bachelor party. However, he still plans to rent out the space in the back of the store for private parties.
Cousin Vinnie said that the $5 sandwiches he makes are not bringing in the cash. The admission for all-nude strip club, on the other hand, would have been $50 per person on top of a membership fee.
Councilman Jimmy Vacca called the owner?s actions despicable and said he will work with all relevant agencies to make sure the club never opens.