Democratic newcomers target Indian Point plant

With last week's Democratic victories at the state and national level, Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant may now be in danger of closing.
Governor-elect Eliot Spitzer (D) and Congressman-elect John Hall (D-19th District) have each called for the controversial power plant in Buchanan to be shut down. Hall made the promise during his campaign. Lisa Rainwater, who's with a nonprofit environmental group, says she hopes Hall fulfills his promise. Rainwater says with the leaks from the plant in the past, it poses a serious health risk.
Jim Steets, a spokesman for Entergy, the company that operates the plant, says blackouts across Westchester and New York City would be five times more likely if the plant was shut down. Those who want to keep Indian Point open say the plant does provide the safest, most reliable energy. However, those who want to shut it down say there are other options like solar power. The battle over the plant is sure to continue with the newly elected candidates.