Director of Bronx anti-violence program pleads guilty to drug charges in Orange County

The director of a Bronx anti-violence program pleaded guilty to drug charges in Orange County.
Michael Rodriguez, of Yonkers, admitted to criminal possession of a controlled substance and conspiracy.
The Orange County DA says 49-year-old Rodriguez was accused of supplying cocaine to narcotics dealers in the cities of Middletown and Ardsley.
He is expected to get 10 years in prison when he is sentenced on Jan. 4.
He also agreed to forfeit a car and $165,000 as ill-gotten proceeds of his crimes.
Rodriguez is the director of Bronx Rises Against Gun Violence, which is a prominent anti-violence program that receives government money and works in the Bronx to promote safer streets.
The Middletown City Police Department conducted a two-year investigation into cocaine trafficking in and around the city, allegedly committed by 39-year-old Angelica Rodriguez, of Otisville - no relation to Michael Rodriguez.
During the investigation, it was discovered the same cocaine suppliers who were providing Angelica Rodriguez and her co-conspirators were also supplying narcotics to those in the city of Port Jervis.
At the plea proceedings, Michael Rodriguez admitted to entering into a conspiracy with Angelica Rodriguez and Taino Lopez and supplying them cocaine to re-sell, according to the DA’s office.