Doctor: Plasma treatments show ‘some success’ at Montefiore Nyack

Dr. Azfar Chak, the chief of the infectious disease unit and others at Montefiore Nyack, are trying to figure out convalescent plasma is helping patients infected with COVID-19.
He told News 12 that it is showing “some success.” The hospital began convalescent plasma treatments last month as part of Mayo Clinic's national study.
Dr. Chak says a unit of plasma has been given to about 65 patients so far. While they're seeing success in a little less than half, any progress is a step in the right direction.
"Unfortunately, some patients don't respond. But a significant chunk of patients – we see the improvement within 48 hours or so,” says the doctor.
At Vassar Brothers Medical Center in Poughkeepsie, doctors have treated about 200 patients with plasma since April.
Dr. Daniel Cruser says “researchers are now looking at the data and gathering results” on its effectiveness.
The treatment would not be possible without plasma donations from COVID-19 survivors.
"I'm humbled by the generosity of people in the community who want to help their fellow human beings and that's one of the things that keep me going," says Dr. Cruser.
Those with an AB-type blood are considered the best plasma donors. But anyone who has beaten the virus is asked to donate to potentially help up to three people in their fight to beat it too.
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