‘Don’t drink too much beer!’ Purchase woman celebrates 100th birthday, shares secret to long life

A Westchester woman celebrating her 100 birthday says the secret to a long, happy life is not to drink too much beer.

Lammie Taversano was joined by loved ones to celebrate her birthday Saturday, where she played the accordion her late husband gave her decades ago.

Taversano, who is called “Aunt Lammie” by many in Purchase, was born in 1919 and has lived to experience the Great Depression, the moon landing, and all 27 championships of her favorite baseball team – the Yankees.

Her family tells News 12 she was an icon for the Town of Harrison school district, working as a crossing guard and driving a bus for kids at a time when women rarely held full-time jobs.

In honor of Taversano and her contributions to the community, the Town of Harrison is recognizing Dec. 28 as Lammie Taversano Day.