Downpour washes over the Bronx

Three days before the official beginning of summer, heavy downpours rolled into the tri-state area Thursday, turning the morning commute into a wet nightmare for residents of the Bronx and beyond.
Pedestrians who ventured into the streets, umbrellas in hand, say the fall-like weather hampered any plans to go to the beach.
"[It] feels like we live in Seattle, Washington," says Joseph Pillot. "It's ridiculous how this rain is working out."
On Brush Avenue, driver after driver became stuck after the street became flooded because of the downpour. Jon Bonilla, who tows cars for a living, hung out on the avenue for hours Thursday. He says cars normally get stuck there during heavy rainfall.
There have been 5 inches of rain so far this month, three more than the average, and more rain is anticipated this upcoming weekend.