Drivers: Traffic 'fix' ties up Throgs Neck intersection

Drivers complain lanes meant to ease traffic at a Throgs Neck intersection have actually put the problem in overdrive.In October, the Department of Transportation changed lanes on East Tremont Avenue off the Bruckner Expressway into left-turn only lanes. A few weeks later, the DOT changed them so commuters could make the left turn or continue straight.
"I think the turning lane made it worse, actually," said Eddie, a driver. "People are trying to pile into that lane and nobody's taking the outside lane."
"They need to do something else with it because of the oncoming traffic ? it's always blocked," said commuter Julianne. "So you have to catch the light two or three times before you can make a left."
Drivers also said lights are poorly timed for cars on East Tremont and cars turning off the Bruckner. They suggest making red lights on East Tremont longer or having police give tickets to drivers who block the intersection.
News 12 The Bronx is awaiting comment from the DOT.