Drug sweep cleans the streets of Hillcrest

Police say they arrested 54 people and took more than $100,000 worth of drugs off the streets of Hillcrest after a year-long investigation.
According to police, the investigation started with a gang called the 'Karnell Street Crew,' based around Karnell Street in Hillcrest. As a result of eavesdropping warrants on 22 cell phones, police say they learned of the gang's drug activity. Investigators say the drugs were coming from New York City and were being dealt in the town of Ramapo.
Police say they recovered more than five pounds of crack and powder cocaine, with a street value of about $100,000. They also seized $50,000 in cash, five handguns and a machine gun. Police say the suspects were from all levels of the gang and drug-dealing operation. The Rockland County district attorney says residents should recognize an immediate drop in crime as a result of the investigation.