Dutchess County community organizer shares explosion victims' pain

So many people are coming together to help the victims of the Dutchess County home explosion that happened on Thursday.
Community organizer Frank Flowers has been speaking to the victims and connecting them with people who want to help.
He says right now, the victims need basic necessities like clothing and toiletries because they've lost everything.
He says it's been amazing to see the community's response.
"It's been unbelievable. From coaches to school to police to just people not even in Wappingers. All around Dutchess and Ulster, willing to help," Flowers said.
Flowers spoke to a mother on Friday whose two children have bad burns. He says she still is in shock over what happened.
"Just trying to let her know there's people out here who care about her and are going to make it OK. Not to worry about those basic things. We'll take care of that. You just worry about your kids for now," Flowers said.