Education controversy comes to head at M.S. 302

There is an internal battle going on within Bronx schools, those who say education is getting better, and those who say it continues to decline. Parents demonstrated outside M.S. 302 Thursday, half of whom were angry about what they say is a declining level of education. Angelus Rowe, whose child is a student at the school, says, ?the school?s been failing. It?s a really big problem in that school.? Other parents like Rowe say they are tired of seeing the school show up on the School Under Registration Review (SURR) list by the state. Schools are placed on the list when they fail to meet state standards in test scores. On the other side of the argument, some parents are noting improvement at the school, saying it has come a long way. Michelle Davis says, ?my daughter went from special education to general education. That couldn?t have happened without the support of the staff.? Officials from the New York Department of Education say M.S. 302 has until 2009 to improve its students? test scores or it will be forced to close.