Ex-Monroe supervisor accused of stealing office furniture

A former Orange County town supervisor is accused of stealing his office furniture on the way out of office.
Wednesday was Tony Cardone's second day on the job as Monroe's new town supervisor, but he says his predecessor, Harley Doles, left him with an empty office.
Cardone says Doles took town-owned furniture, including end tables, coffee tables, chairs and a desk.
"He left me with an empty office," says Cardone.
Cardone, who butted heads with Doles for years while a town councilmember, says a picture of the items, piled inside Town Hall, was taken on New Year's Eve by another official who thought something could be wrong.
Cardone says by the next day, the furniture was gone and police were notified.
Doles wouldn't talk on camera, but said by phone he thought the furniture was his to take.
"Why would anybody steal something? I was ... up until Sunday night, I was the supervisor for the town of Monroe. There's nothing stealing," he said.
Doles maintains it was all a misunderstanding. Police are investigating, and Doles says the items taken will be returned sometime this week.
Monroe police would not comment on whether or not the former supervisor could face any charges.