Family urges elected officials to address constant flooding issue in Mamaroneck

Eduardo Mendez said he and his family have loved living on Center Avenue in Mamaroneck for the past five years - but flooding during storms is a major downside.
He says that the water rose so high, that it filled up their basement. He spent the day throwing many items in the garbage.
"Plates, tables, TV, computers," Mendez said.
Two of their cars also were damaged in the storm. When asked what they were going to do with the damaged vehicles, Mendez said, "I don't know... maybe fixing [it]."
He and his family members are now calling on elected officials to do something about the Sheldrake River. They believe the river was the source of their street's flooding.
Mendez predicted that it would take his family another three or four days before they were done cleaning everything up. He told News 12 that they were looking forward to getting their home back to normal.