FBI, cult experts join investigation into satanic symbols at Yonkers seminary

Yonkers police are calling the spray-painting of satanic symbols at St. Joseph?s Seminary a top priority and are getting help from both the FBI and cult experts.
Police say many anti-Catholic symbols were spray-painted on statues and around the grounds of the seminary on Tuesday. The vandalism was done on June 6, a date that harkens to the number 666, which is associated with the devil. Many at the century-old religious institution call the vandalism too well executed to be the work of kids.
Yonkers police say a shirt found outside a home right near the seminary is among the evidence they are looking into. Also, a remake of The Omen, a film about the devil's son Damien, hit theatres at nearly the same time vandals struck St. Joseph?s. Police are looking into that connection as well.
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