Follow these safety tips during Memorial Day Weekend cookouts

If you're getting ready for Memorial Day Weekend cookouts - be careful with what you cook.
Jill Ashbey-PeJoves, a registered and dietitian and nutritionist from Northern Westchester Hospital, joined News 12 today and says always keep raw meat, chicken, fish separate from fruits, vegetables and other ready to eat foods like potato and macaroni salads to prevent possible cross-contamination.
If you marinate meat, chicken, or fish before grilling, don't use that marinade for anything else
She also says to remember time and temperature since meats (including poultry and fish) may look done on the outside, but they need to be cooked to a safe internal temperature for safety. She says the best way to know is to use a thermometer
All perishable foods, including cooked meats and salads made with mayonnaise, should be refrigerated within two hours or less to keep them safe from harmful bacteria