Food for Thought: Pantry makeover

Would you feel confident about what is inside your pantry if a nutritional consultant took a peek?
News 12's Natasha Geigel went through her own cabinets with certified health coach and nutritional counselor Claire Hammel to see what foods could stay and what had to go.
Hammel has a 12-week program in which her clients learn about eating healthy, normalizing blood sugar and speeding up the metabolism in order to burn fat. She says one of her clients lost about 80 pounds in less than a year.
Hammel offers to revamp the pantry of her clients as part of her services. She says foods with white flour and anything that says "hydrogenated" should be thrown out.
Hammel also says sauces for pasta should not be cream-based because most have double the sodium.
And of course, Hammel says to get rid of junk foods like brownies, cookies, candy and corn syrup.