Former NY Gov. Mario Cuomo dead at 82

New York is mourning the loss of three-term Gov. Mario Cuomo, who died Thursday just hours after his son was sworn into a second term as the state's current governor. 
The 82-year-old passed away from natural causes due to heart failure. He was at his home surrounded by family. 
Cuomo is credited with being a liberal beacon, serving New York from 1983 until 1994. He made a jump to the national stage in 1984 at the Democratic National Convention, delivering a speech that many say they'll never forget. 
Gov. Andrew Cuomo praised his father during his inaugural speech, crediting his inspiration, legacy and experience for bringing the state to the point it's at today. He said he showed the speech to his dad, who declared it good, "especially for a second termer." 
The late Cuomo grew up in Queens, attending St. Johns University, and actually played Minor League Baseball before an injury sent him on to law school. 
Politicians and constituents alike are remembering his legacy, saying he rejected good opportunities, including a chance to run for president, to serve New York. Mayor Bill de Blasio issued a statement saying in part, "He was a man who always stood for what he believed in, no matter what challenges were before him." 
Cuomo was once asked how he'd like to be remembered. He responded, "I want to be the hardest working there ever was and I want, when it's over...I want people to say, now there was an honest person." 
Flags will remain at half-staff statewide for 30 days in his memory.