Former Putnam investigator testifies in Deskovic trial

A former Putnam County investigator continued testifying in federal court Friday over claims he coerced a false confession from an innocent man almost 25 years ago.
Daniel Stephens testified in court about a polygraph test he administered to Jeffrey Deskovic in 1990. Deskovic was 16 years old at the time.
Deskovic was accused of raping and murdering his Peekskill High School classmate Angela Correa in 1989. He was later cleared of the crime after DNA evidence proved another man raped and killed Correa. Deskovic claims Stephens' questioning and the polygraph test broke his will and he is now suing Stephens for coercing a false confession.
In court, Stephens admitted to never telling anyone that Deskovic may have given a false confession to the crime. He also said he never intentionally did anything to send him to prison.