Former Yonkers mayor weighs in on Pirro?s political future

Former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer weighed in on Westchester District Attorney Jeanine Pirro?s political future.
The GOP Senate hopeful says Pirro would make a great candidate for attorney general if people focus on her credentials as a former judge and a prosecutor. He says people should leave out her husband and his federal conviction for cheating on his taxes, as well as allegations of mob ties and personal indiscretions. Spencer?s comments come a day after The New York Post reported that Al Pirro coaxed Republican State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno to publicly urge his wife to abandon her bid for U.S. Senate and instead run for state attorney general.
Officials say if Pirro does run for attorney general, several other issues will come up in her campaign such as details about defendants that she's revealed during news conferences. Several grievances have already been filed by the New York State Criminal Lawyers Association against Pirro.Related Story: