Fort Montgomery man creates bizarre scene at air base, cops say

UPDATE (01/03/17): According to court documents, the case against Eric Brignoni was dismissed and sealed on June 18, 2007. Original story below.
A man has been arrested after speeding through a security checkpoint at the Stewart Air National Guard Base in Newburgh Wednesday, according to police. Police say 36-year-old Fort Montgomery resident Eric Brignoni entered the base and sped right through the security checkpoint. Brignoni's Toyota sedan was immediately pursued by security who surrounded his car and blocked him just a few feet past the gate. Police say Brignoni then got out of his car with a hockey stick. He then got back into his car and nearly ran over security personnel. Brignoni was allegedly able to get onto the base because the security barriers were temporarily removed for renovations. Police sent Brignoni to Cornwall Hospital for mental evaluation. Criminal charges are still pending.