Four nabbed for inside job in Monsey grocery store robbery

Three men and a teenager were arraigned Wednesday for a brutal Thanksgiving robbery of a kosher grocery store in Monsey that police say was an inside job.
According to police, 23-year-old Edward Ceus, Aldaberto Lucas and Junior Henry Marseille, both 21, and 16-year-old Francisco Feria were all in on the robbery of Monsey Glatt Kosher Superstore. The robbery was caught on surveillance video. Police say the suspects got away with up to $30,000 after viciously beating, choking and pistol-whipping the store manager. Police say two of the suspects were former employees and Lucas was still an active employee, who came to work after the robbery.
The four were arraigned in Ramapo Town Court on charges of second-degree robbery and burglary. The charges may be upgraded after the case goes to a grand jury.