Friends of Williamsbridge Oval pushes for new skate park to be built

A Norwood community group is pushing to find a permanent home for its dedicated skateboarders at Williamsbridge Oval.
Friends of Williamsbridge Oval say that back in 2004, the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation promised to build a skate park under a multimillion-dollar improvement plan, but nothing has yet come to fruition.
In the meantime, skaters have been using an area near the entrance of Williamsbridge Park to practice their tricks.
The skaters say the conditions of the spot are not ideal and often have to avoid pedestrians, bikers and people walking their dogs. They say they need a place to call their own.
Community Board 7 voted to approve a skate park. Now, Friends of Williamsbridge Oval is turning to local politicians to receive funding for its construction.