Galleria mall murder suspect's videotaped confession played in court

The explosive videotaped confession of the man accused of killing a woman at a White Plains mall was played in court Wednesday.
Police say convicted sex offender Phillip Grant admitted to stabbing Connie Russo Carriero at the Galleria Mall parking garage in June because she was white. In the 45-minute confession, Grant says he was waging a race war. He says he wanted to die, but wanted to first kill a white person to get the death penalty. Grant also says he has no remorse because, ?that woman was a closet bigot.? Russo?s family, who was present at the hearing, was at times brought to tears.
Grant is charged with murder as a hate crime. Grant?s lawyer is trying to have the confession thrown out in pretrial hearings. The judge has yet to rule on the admissibility of the confession.
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