Garden Guide: Weekly Q&A with Alex Calamia

News 12 has been asking viewers their gardening questions for Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Alex Calamia. Here are his weekly answers!

News 12 Staff

Oct 29, 2023, 4:45 PM

Updated 129 days ago


News 12 has been asking viewers their gardening questions for Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Alex Calamia. Below are his weekly answers!
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Long Island growers send News 12 their early spring blooms

Guy and Jessica from Plainview say: We need help with droopy leaves!

Joan from St. James says: Check out my 60-year-old Dieffenbachia!

Karen Griffin says: Check out my Daylily blooming inside!

Why are branches growing up from the roots of my crepe myrtle tree?

Lindsay says: Tell me about this succulent!

Check out Bill Forbes’ winter blooming plant:

Why is my desert rose losing leaves?

Why are the leaves discolored on my spike plant?

What are these extra growths on my orchid?

Check out Karen's holiday cactus!

How do I get rid of too many Rose of Sharon without killing them?

How do I save my grandfather’s dying pear tree?

How do I store my lemon tree to keep it alive for next season?

My lilac tree lost its greenery. Is it OK to leave it outside in a pot?

When is it time to prune hydrangea?

Why are leaves getting brown spots and falling off my tree?

Why are the tips of my mass cane plant leaves turning brown?

What's the best way to save a banana plant?

Do plant lights encourage cuttings to root faster?

How do I save my peace lily?

Is my plant dying, or will leaves grow back?

What is the best thing to do for my elephant ear hosta and canna lily for the winter?

Can my hanging basket plant be brought indoors for the winter?

What can I expect from my lemon tree fruit over the winter?

My aloe plan is too heavy. Should I repot it or should I cut it back?

Is this a plant I can bring inside?

Do you have any experience taking care of olive trees?

When and how should I wrap my fig tree? And how do you trim it?

What is the best way to replant a banana plant from a pot to the ground?

How do I bring my plants inside the house without bringing bugs with them?

What are these growths on my plum tree branches?

How can I keep my palm trees alive in winter?

What can I do to make my jalapeno and bell pepper plants last longer?

How do I keep bugs from getting in the house when plants go inside?

Why have my peonies developed a severe fungus?

How can I save my germaniums for next year?

Why are my corn stalks turning red?

What are pumpkins?

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