Gov. Cuomo: There are 6 days worth of ventilators left in stockpile

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said during his COVID-19 news conference Thursday that there are six days of ventilators left in the stockpile at the current "burn rate."
He said there are about 2,200 ventilators in the stockpile. Nightly, he said the range of people that need ventilators is about 350.
The governor said the state is taking extraordinary measures to get more ventilators to the state, even converting BiPAP machines.
There were 7,917 new cases of the coronavirus in New York as the state reached more than 92,000 infected people. The number of deaths in the state went from 1,941 to 2,373.
Amid the crisis in New York, Gov. Cuomo said he was heartened by 21,000 medical professionals from out of state that are heading to New York to help the growing number of patients.
“God bless America,” he said. "I will never forget how people across this country came to the aid of New Yorkers when they needed it."
The governor announced plans for new temporary hospitals in Brooklyn and Staten Island, and extended the open enrollment for health care through May 15.
During the briefing, Gov. Cuomo spoke live with his brother, Chris Cuomo, a CNN anchor who has the coronavirus.  He still has a fever but is in good spirits.
Notes from the news conference are below:
  • There are 7,917 new cases of coronavirus in New York, 92,381 in the state.
  • Gov. Cuomo calls rising numbers in Westchester and Nassau counties "concerning."
  • The number of deaths in the state is 2,373, up from 1,941.
  • When is the apex? Different models show that it is between 7-30 days. "It make it difficult to plan...We are planning on a day-to-day basis." He believes it's closer to "the shorter end of the range."
  • When does it end? Models show the curve flattening out during the summer months.
  • How many lives lost? Models show 93,000 in U.S., 16,000 in New York.
  • New temporary hospitals: Brooklyn Cruise Terminal and OMH South Beach facility in Staten Island. Both expected to open next week.
  • Gov. Cuomo: "God bless America." 21,000 medical staff have volunteered from out-of-state to respond to COVID-19 crisis.
  • Gov. Cuomo: "I will never forget how people across this country came to the aid of New Yorkers when they needed it."
  • Gov. Cuomo says there are 6 days worth of ventilators left in stockpile at current 'burn rate.'
  • Gov. Cuomo says a nightly survey will occur at hospitals in terms of supplies. The hospitals with the most need will then get them from a central stockpile.
  • The governor asks businesses to start thinking about making much-needed supplies. Anyone who can help is asked to call 212-803-3100 or email "It's a business opportunity. It's a state need. It's a national need."
  • Gov. Cuomo says 400 ventilators were released to NYC Health + Hospitals and 200 are headed to Long Island and Westchester.
  •  BiPAP machines are being converted into ventilators. 
  • Gov. Cuomo: To protect access to health care for New Yorkers, We are extending the open enrollment period through May 15.
  • Gov. Cuomo and his brother Chris Cuomo, who has been infected with COVID-19, speak during news conference.
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