Gov. Hochul: COVID-19 numbers across state are trending down

COVID-19 cases across our state are trending down as efforts to stop the spread continue.
Starting today, there will be a vaccine site for children ages 5 and up. Gov. Kathy Hochul said to keep students safe in schools, 5 million testing kits will be sent to school children so they can test after their winter break.
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The governor also announced the state has reached the lowest COVID-19 number since right before Halloween, meaning we are at levels we saw before the Omicron surge in the state.
Gov. Hocul says cases have dropped 97% since Jan. 7, and trips to the hospital because of COVID-19 have dropped 72% over the past month.
When it comes to children, the governor is still working on getting kids vaccinated.
One doctor News 12 spoke to says any new COVID-19 variants shouldn't be as much of a threat as its previous strain. With those predictions for the future, the governor is hoping more people will return to work.
Many have been working from home, but the governor stresses that if people return to the office buildings, it'll help jump start the state's economy.
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