Gov. Kathy Hochul gets update on Israel, migrant crisis in Washington, DC

Gov. Kathy Hochul is leaving for a "solidarity" trip to Israel.
She spoke out in Washington, D.C. before leaving about updates she's received while in the nation's capital on two humanitarian crises affecting New York. 
She says the White House has told her there should be a decline in the next couple weeks in the number of asylum seekers coming to New York, based on numbers at the border.
Hochul says she reiterated her request for more federal funding to help with the crisis.
She also spoke about Israel, saying she signed a letter with 17 other governors, asking congressional leadership to show solidarity with Israel and offer help.
She says she'll meet with New Yorkers in Israel.
"I want to go and... on a human some love from New York, some compassion, some humanity," the governor said.
Hochul says New York hasn't received any requests yet to take refugees from Israel or Palestine.