Gov. Murphy pushes Legislature to pass third set of gun reform bills

Gov. Phil Murphy is promoting his third set of gun reform bills, and hopes to have them passed by the end of the legislative session.
The bills include additional safety training and banning .50-caliber firearms.
He also wants to regulate school shooting drills and hold the gun industry accountable for weapons in New Jersey, if they crossed state lines.
Opponents express that it is an attack on the second amendment and does nothing to strengthen penalties for criminals using guns.  
Gov. Murphy believes these measures will ensure firearms are handled safely and make New Jersey safer.  
"This is very much not treading on the second amendment and very much doing things that we know based on research from our own reality and what we know works around the country," Murphy said.
The governor says strong federal legislation is needed, especially when there is concern over the dealing with guns traveling into New Jersey from out-of-state.